Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cycling Adventures!

I had an interesting ride today. I met my coach at her house and we loaded both bikes onto her car and headed for a town just south of us (Parker for those that know the area). We had a route from that someone else had plotted and had the written directions with us. We headed out in cool weather and I thankfully decided to wear my arm warmers. The first bit was a challenging climb at any level and as the first thing I did after yesterday's tri I was definitely suffering. But we made it to the top and were rewarded with a beautiful view over rolling hills, horse country and Pike's Peak in the distance.

Next up, fun downhill and then an immediate left turn at the bottom and right back up. After some more rolling hills (and some cursing from me as my quads talked sternly to me) we turned into a neighborhood. I took the next turn and expected to find the next road. Nope, just dirt. Hmmm, must have taken a wrong turn? Grabbed the iPhone and plotted a different route to the road. A few more hills and we were there. And greeted by more dirt. What the route didn't indicate was that this road was dirt. Okay, quick re-plotting and we turn around, attack some more hills and head south. We grabbed the next turn and it was nerve wracking as it had little shoulder, some cable guard rails and a fair amount of traffic. The reward for me was the coming down hill. My coach isn't a big fan of down hill but I loved this so I took off. I maxed at 34.6 mph and would have gone faster except that their was head and cross winds so I had to reign myself in a bit.

A few more miles of high traffic nerve wracking riding and we found a multi-use trail that would get us back to the car. We are really glad we rode this route today as we'd planned to use this on our group rides this summer (and there are some developments with this which I'm hoping I'll be able to share next week ) and we know we'd have some people mutiny on us on this sort of ride so now we can avoid. But my coach and I really enjoyed it!


Terri said...

What? No tri post???? =) Glad you survived today's ride and congrats on your PR on the run in yesterday's tri!!!

Robyn said...

Oh, oops, I need to get that up!