Monday, April 6, 2009

Back to blogging...

Hello all!

Well, after a long absence for various reasons it's time once again to make my blog public and start sharing my life. Over the next couple of weeks I'll try to get some photos and stories up about this ski season which has truly be incredible. I sit here on April 6th having enjoyed 34 days thus far with hopes of getting to 40 by the end. During those 40 days I've skied with wonderful people including family, friends and athletes I coached for the season. Each has taught me things about life and skiing and I hope to pass some of that along.

Then, this summer, I'll log my adventures in my very first season of triathlon. Yeah, that's right, a season of triathlon which I hope to be the start of a new me. I've been training all winter and will start to ramp things up in the next few weeks.

I hope you'll visit often and see what I'm up to and share the ride.



Joe said...

Nice to see you back Robyn!

Terri said...

Robyn - Glad to see you back to blogging. I can't wait to follow the tri season with you!

Robyn said...

Thanks Joe and Terri! I know I won't be a daily blogger but it'll be good to post some things here. Nice to see people are still interested.