Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where does time go?

This morning dawned the 5th weekend in a row with less than ideal weather. Originally coach and I had scheduled a trip to Boulder to join a group ride there but given the gloomy day with probably rain we decided earlier this week that would have to be canceled. So I awoke this morning with a plan of getting in my second 4.5 mile run of the week. Earlier this week I'd had a rough one so I wanted to do another to make me feel more confident. Just as I was searching Map My Run coach im'd me wondering what I was up to. Soon we hatched a plan to go to Sloan's Lake for a run. We met at my place late morning and headed up there.

With the grey skies temps were nice and cool at around 48 degrees. We were delighted to find that the parking area also had bathrooms and water available which will be great for summer runs. The loop around the lake is exactly 2.5 miles so I decided that I'd try for 2 laps. If I needed to walk at the end that would be fine. As I ran I realized that I passed another runner. And a lot of walkers. And I found myself not being the slug barely making it along. And suddenly I was about half a mile from being done with the 2 laps. And I was feeling great! So into the logs goes a 5 miler.

After our run Andrea and I headed for lunch at a local Irish joint. Although nothing about our lunch said Irish. I had a lovely chicken salad on a croissant with brie and pear while she had a burger with mushrooms. And then we headed for the active person's paradise, the REI Anniversary Sale. I resisted most of the temptations but came away with a tech tee and a running cap. I can't believe how soggy gross those caps get during even a cool run but I do love how they keep the sun, hair, and sweat out of my eyes!

I can't believe we've reached May already! I can't help but think back to how my life has changed in the last year and feel I am so very, very blessed by the friends and family who have been there for me. But my beautiful coach means so much to me and our adventures this summer will be sure to entertain my readers as well. I hope you'll stick around to read the saga.

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Catharine said...

Woo-hoo. 5 miles in the bank! Way to go, girl! I am still blown away by how far you've come. Keep it up!!!!