Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a New Year!

I'm being pestered to do an update so I guess it's about time. Although, I feel like my life is pretty boring and not necessarily all that interesting to read about.

But, looking forward to 2010 I do have some goals. Not resolutions as it seems like resolutions are something we work to avoid breaking while goals one work towards achieving and I like the positive spin so much more. So here they are, written down so you all can keep me honest.

1) Run 1000 miles.
2) Run a half marathon this fall.
3) Improve my nutrition strategy.

I've started working toward the first and the third and I guess by extension that means I'm working toward the second since all base miles will help me prepare for the half-marathon.

You may be wondering about skiing and coaching. Yep, I'm doing that too although the snow thus far this year has sucked the big one so I haven't skied as much as I would like. I have a great group that I'm working with this season and I'm excited to see how far we'll go! In the meantime we're all praying to Ullr the Norse God of Snow to bring more of the white stuff!

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Catharine said...

Welcome back! Awesome goals! Go, Robyn!