Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seasons changing...

Usually at this time of year I'm so excited about skiing and coaching I can barely stand it. It's all I think, talk and dream about (well I imagine I dream since I don't ever remember the actual dreams) and I go up every day I possibly can.

But this year my heart is torn. I loved doing my first tri this summer. And I've fallen in love with running. Starting in August, post surgery, I started focusing a bit more on running which has always been my weakest link. I was cycling too but not swimming. As cycling season (for me) closed down the running ramped up even more. I'm now running 4-5 days a week and really enjoying it.

I joined a run group in a next door town and was welcomed at the end of September with open arms even though the group is much faster than me. The group leader, a professional running coach, is pregnant so she has slowed her pace which made us a perfect fit to run together most Saturday mornings. We motivate each other, chat and get to know one another and before we know it we've done more miles than we'd planned or hoped. I've looked forward to my Saturday morning runs all week with breakfast afterward which served as inspiration to get out during the week and get in the miles.

Next weekend I begin my season of coaching with an on mountain clinic and then I'll spend the last weekend before coaching in Florida with family. All of this is great but it means that today was my final run with the group until next spring. And I'm very very sad. To the point of tears a couple of times today. Who knew I'd be so sad about a running group? Those that knew me 5 years ago would bet money against that one.

The group has inspired me to start thinking about doing a half marathon next year. Yes, you read that right, I'm thinking of running 13.1 miles. If I've learned one thing over the last 2 years it's that I can do anything I decide I want to do if I plan for it, train for it, and want to do it. And this is something I want to do.

I know as I get into my coaching season and start skiing I'll adjust and be very happy all winter long. But sitting in the back of my mind will be this wonderful group running their miles while I ski on snowy slopes. And next spring, as the ski season wanes I'll know that I get to return to the group. It is fabulous to have beloved activities for all seasons!

Today I want to thank the leader of the run group, Erin. The miles with you have been more fun than I ever dreamed running could be. I will miss you this winter my friend but cannot wait to meet Baby Boy and run together next spring as we both start our comebacks! You inspire me, you motivate me and you are in the right profession!

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