Saturday, October 24, 2009

Uh, oops.

So, I think I might be the world's worst blogger. :(

Wow, it's been quite a summer. Shortly after my last post I had a minor surgery which took me out of my workouts for the majority of July. I also moved in July up toward Boulder and live in the town of Lafayette. This town has great access to trails and fantastic roads for riding leading out to farm country and I've loved living here.

In August I started ramping up my running again finally coming to terms with the fact that if I wanted to run faster I needed to run more. I did my first post surgery run at a pace of 13:45 per mile for 2.6 miles. Definitely slow. I'm now up to running 3-4 days per week and my last hard pace run I did 3.1 miles at 11:20 per mile. Still slow but a heck of a lot faster than previously. I've joined a Saturday morning run group and absolutely love running with them. Or, more accurately starting at the same time then enjoying breakfast and coffee afterward. Well, actually the coach is pregnant so she's stuck with me for 2 of my runs and I really am enjoying her. She seems to know the perfect balance of pushing me and giving me a few ego boosts that just keep me going.

Today we ran the Dowdy Draw Trail just south of Boulder near the town of Eldorado Springs. This trail goes up, up, up on the way out and has some fantastic views. I can't wait to run this during the spring! There was a lot of walking on the way out as those hills just make my heart rate sky rocket but Coach Erin motivated me when I tried to turn around and go to an alternate, flatter trail, we chatted and ran and walked and we went out for 2 miles. My fancy new Garmin Forerunner 305 told me it was just over 2 miles. We turned around and headed back after Coach told me about some other trails we'll run as I get better for which I'm very excited!

The downhill went by fast but was so much fun. Have to be careful as the rocks just beg to trip you up. I can't wait until I have more endurance to be able to go further on these types of trails as it is absolutely gorgeous out there.

And I earned my power sandwich at Panera afterward for sure!

Good run, good company, good food. What more can a girl ask for on a gorgeous fall Saturday morning?

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